Pat McGrath Full Line

Pat McGrath. She may be one of the most well-known and highly-respected names in the beauty and fashion industry. She’s worked many of the largest names and has a resume we can only imagine.

When she released her first products the fans went bananas. Her products are high quality and absolutely beautiful. They sell out in minutes! She makes products that are tame and adventurous to satisfy each makeup lover, no matter their preference. Plus, she’s a master at creating beautiful and innovative packaging.

And now we have the opportunity to purchase her revolutionary products year-round. That’s right, we are finally getting a permanent collection from Pat McGrath Labs. The full line will feature 61 (yes, 61) permanent items. Don’t expect these products to be priced for mass appeal. These products are for the true beauty junkie that expect the finest ingredients and application.

For instance, what the internet is going crazy over, the Mothership Palette, is actually three palettes! I wasn’t aware of that right away. Named Subversive, Sublime and Subliminal, these palettes will feature seven difference finishes and will hold the same formula as the ever popular Gold 001 and Dark Star 006 palettes.

Also being introduced in the new collection are a mascara, eye liner, lipsticks and lip liners.

There will be 12 lip pencils introduced with some serious staying power according to McGrath, herself. Additionally, we’ll enjoy 40(!) lipsticks. Of the 40 different lipsticks, nine will be the MatteTrance products that have recently been made available at Sephora. The other 39 will be called Luxe Trance lipsticks. The entire lip collection will be available on September 16.

The shadow palettes, eye liner and mascara will all be released on September 28. There will be 5 eye liners in the collection.

Are you interested in trying out these new products from Pat McGrath? Tell us what you’re most excited about in the comments!

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