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Would you like to be a content contributor on Glam Gods?

We are currently looking for writers who would like to share their passion for the beauty industry and beauty products with the world. If you would like to be considered for a writing spot on Glam Gods, send an email to info@glamgods.com with the subject line “I’m a writer”. In the email give a description of yourself, some of your favorite products, your favorite looks, your favorite beauty influencers/celebs, and any other cool information to set yourself apart from everyone else. Also include 5 article topics you would like to write on (Example: review on XYZ product, the latest eyebrow trends, how to get the perfect hair curl, tips to solve acne, etc.). Feel free to describe how you would make your article different than others out there with the same topic!

If you’ve got videos or photos you would like to be considered, email info@glamgods.com as well. We are always looking for visuals to compliment our great writing. If we like your style we’ll talk to you more about options to get your videos/photos on the site.