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NYX Total Control Drop Foundation Review by EmilyNoel83

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So I was at Ulta a few days ago and there was a display for this brand new product from NYX called the Total Control Drop Foundation. The bottle was what first intrigued me. I’ve been very interested in trying out new weightless, thin formula foundations because I have fallen head-over-heels in love with the Rainforest of Sea Water Foundation by Tarte. (I need to do a review on that, FOR SURE!)

I was in a rush because my husband was impatiently waiting in the car for me with our young son, so I was in a mad dash to find some new products to play with. I’m kicking myself now for not spending the time to look at it and get the right shade for me. I was also unsure of the intended purpose of the product. At first glance the name made me think ‘Ok, this must be intended as a foundation on its own” but the consistency and look of the bottle had me questioning if this was meant to be used as “color enhancing” or “color correcting” drops like the Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops. I wanted to come home and do some research before going back to purchase the product for myself. I was browsing through the latest beauty videos from some Youtubers I have watched in the past and this video popped up. Let’s see what Emilynoel83 has to say.

Ok so right off the bat we’re learning from Emilynoel83 that this product claims to be a matte, full coverage foundation with the use of just a few (like 3) drops. And with the addition of each new drop you can build the coverage.

Emilynoel83 claims that the NXY foundation is very thin, even thinner than the Cover FX drops. And the addition of 1 drop does not make a drastic difference, unlike the Cover FX drops. Ultimately, she was unable to achieve a full coverage using this product. Aw, boo!

But for some a medium-coverage look will work fine. And that light-weight feel might be a selling point for some. I can’t think of any other thin-consistency “drop” foundations at the drugstore right now (I might be wrong about that, depending on where you live and the stores you have access to) other than the Maybelline Dream Fluid-Touch Foundation. I really liked that foundation for a few weeks a long, long, long time ago. But sadly I can’t seem to find it on the shelves anymore. Was it discontinued? Let me know in the comments below if you know anything about that.

Emilynoel83 also gives us a very interesting alternate idea of adding this product with your favorite moisturizer for a sheer coverage on one of those days where you want some coverage, without anyone knowing it.. πŸ˜‰

Watching Emilynoel83 apply the foundation in the video I’m not super impressed. Having watched this I’m not running out the door to pick it up. But, like I said, I am interested in those weightless, barely-there foundations so I might just pick it up and give it a go for my own enjoyment.

What do you think about the new NXY Total Control Drop Foundation? Are you interested in trying it out? If you’ve already purchased it, let us know what you think in the comments! Even though Emilynoel83’s review doesn’t have me super excited about this product, I am curious to see what other people think about it.

Thanks for joining me in watching this review! Talk to you soon.

-Ren G.


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